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Yes we can. Again

Dear Mister President,

I have no inquiry for you. I just want to send you a confession letter. I write you first of all in order to confess that I wish I could have voted for you. Unfortunately, I live in Romania and this is not possible. I would have voted you and for sure stay in line for hours for that. I wish I had for one day the American citizenship to vote for you. Why? Because you are not only the President of the U.S.A., you are a global leader. You inspire me and many, many Romanians to believe in change, to fight for that and to overcome my human condition.
As you said in November 2008, “In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people.” As one team, I would add. A team of over 314,6 million people. That’s what I admired most about America: unity and good-understood freedom and democracy. In Romania, there is the opposite: instead of having a team of 21 million people, we have… 21 million teams.
In November 2008, when you won the elections, I was so glad as if I had won a jackpot. Your win gave me an empire state of mind. Now, on the elections day, I have great expectations and hopes to feel the same joy as four years ago. In a Romania which has nowadays extremely few positive models and too many negative and superficial models, you are not a model, you are a leading model. You are a politician “cum laudae”, while in Romania most politicians are “cum fraudae”. Romania would be for sure on a high position in Europe if it had at least 1.000 people with Barack Obama-mentality and strength. Unfortunately, it does not have that. Fortunately, if there is still Barack Obama President in the U.S.A., there is still hope for better in Romania and not only. In America, you are the symbol of the power of your’s country democracy, while in Romania the politicians are the evil symbols of our country wrongly understood democracy. I am proud of Romania and I always will be, but I am really ashamed of its politicians. You said “Yes, we can” and you prove that while the Romanian politicians seem always to say “Yes, we can. We can steal more and more”.
That is why I look inspiration and power to still believe in change by looking at you and your power to change America, although you had not have at all an easy term. You deserve well four more years. Because America’s good changes must continue. The Team America must have the same captain until 2016: Barack Obama. Yes, we can. Again.

Best regards,
Denis Grigorescu