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Eminem, ce zici de versurile astea?/ Eminem, what about those lyrics?

Scriu poezii extrem de rar, si asta nu pentru ca nu as avea muza, si inca si una cu acte in regula, ci pentru ca prefer poezia in proza. Zilele trecute, ca sa evit niste timpi morti in timpul zilei, m-am apucat sa scriu niste versuri in engleza. Doua poezii, doua poezele, doua ineptii, doua seturi de versuri pentru viitoare hituri Eminem, doua stupizenii, luati-le cum vreti, numai trimiteti-mi un feedback acolo mic. Multumesc anticipat. Iata si creatiile sau… elucubratiile:

One Street

  One million dreams, one thousand faces
  One air, one life, one end
  No hope, no fear, no escape
  Just one street, one no-bloody way street
 The street where Mr. Future has no room
 The street where happiness doesn’t fill in
 The street of the no name children
 Have you ever tought about them?
 Have you ever learnt about them?
 Have you ever cared about them?
 Have you?
Flats no bigger than a billionaire’s big ass
Beds where dirt sleeps well
Like a tired worker in the bus
Together with the children of the unwanted hell
Blocks as grey as the souls
Have you ever tought about them?
 Have you ever learnt about them?
 Have you ever cared about them?
 Have you?


The ballad of the flowers seller


Just a soul

Just a face

Just a John Doe

But just so beautiful

His bucket is full of flowers

His heart is full of despair

But his face, oh, what a face

His smile is such a pretty mask

One could pretend

He took an overdose of happiness

He wonders in the streets

Like the wind in the desert fields

His pockets are inhabited

By only a few pathetic coins

And three crowded one dollar bills

But nobody cares about his flowers

Suddenly he sees the love

It’s not his love, it’s others love

Just across the street

A young couple, lips in lips

They look so cool, they look so happy

Maybe some flowers, maybe a potential client

The flowers seller goes towards them

Not in a hurry

He does not want to disturb their lips dance

He comes closer, as a curious love spy

“A dollar for a rose, a dollar for a rose

 A dollar for a love gesture

Or five bucks for a bucket

These roses fit so well with your love”

The couple stops as hit

By an army of unpleasant words

The young boy looks at the old flowers seller

Like at a funny joke

The girl already laughs

As if the flowers seller

Was a street minute-comedy

“Your face fits so well with my fist

A dollar for a rose, you say

Disturbing our lips

Do you think that a dollar is the price for a love

Of, you are so wrong, oh, you are so old”

Says the young man

Kicking the seller directly in the nose

Without carrying of the flowers

Who fell in the street

Like a bunch of soldiers of the paradise

Together with the seller

The seller of the unsold and unwanted flowers

A few blood drops kiss two yellow roses

The young man takes the fallen flowers

And offers them to his girl:

“My love for you is costless”



Men who love reading

I have been reading for a week a magnificent book. I keep on reading have only about 60 pages left. I feel sorry that the book ends. I feel sorry that the book and its plot do not continue for about 50-100 more books. I read with such a great pleasure, as if I come into a sevrage if I do not find faster what the characters do and what other more incredible situations happen. It’s a great book both physically and figuratively. It has over 800 pages. Its author is a rarity. He wrote extensively much and well without boring the reader at all. On the contrary. Unfortunately, the writer is now beyond the curtain of stars. 5 years have passed since he left us. But shortly before leaving our world he handed over to his a trilogy of more than 2000 pages. A trilogy that made worldwide furor. Over 13 million books sold. All of the Romanian writers would not succeed to reach this amount even in a century. And I say it with regret. We have writers, but we do not have best-sellers. Newspapers are full of ordered favorable chronicles or written by friends of the writers, but Romanian writers books lie unsold in libraries like an expired merchandise. These are our writers, it is true, with few young exceptions. High hosannas, microscopic book sales. These are the Romanian literature … very small waves. I’d better come back to the writer who captivated me. He is Swedish, and for over 20 years I have Sweden in the drawer of my soul with my favorite countries, along with Spain, France, Australia, Argentina and USA. Sweden is clean, Sweden is happiness, Sweden is Roxette, Sweden is ABBA, Sweden is Stockholm and the Gamla Stan (old town), Sweden is ineffable charm, Sweden is Ibrahimovic, Sweden is … Stieg Larsson. Yes, Stieg Larsson is writer who captivated me this year in the highest degree and without right of appeal. The Millennium trilogy is the most exciting series I’ve have ever read. The trilogy is amazing and is a loss for literature that Stieg Larsson will not be able to write again. Stieg Larsson develops a brilliant cop plot, with extremely powerful, complex and original characters. And speaking of that, Lisbeth Salander is one of the most spectacular female characters of universal literature. Brilliant, funny, hacker, sexy, with earrings in the nose and ears, carelessly dressed, abused, tortured, raped, harassed, independent, fighter, Phoenix bird embodied in a woman, rebellious, incredibly strong, Lisbeth Salander clearly captivates you and you wish for her to be real, to talk to her, to know this so complex, complicated and protean human miracle. The last book in the trilogy – „The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” – worths all the superlatives. It would be a commonplace if I say that this last book is captivating. It’s much more than that. „The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” is an overdose of adrenaline, the dramatic fabric is impressive and has an ineffable epic charm. I would have wanted to be at least a tenth of the journalist Mikael Blomqvist – who fights (and does it successful) even with the Swedish secret police Sapo to prove the innocence of Lisbeth Salander and the fact she had been subject to a long series of abuses. Stieg Larsson was a writer extremely well-documented, and this clearly can be seen in his book. A lot of details which are perfectly chained, with a breathtaking tram with former spies, with police officers supporting the good and other officers who support evil, with pedophile psychologists, old criminal agents, with sparkling dialogues. Stieg Larsson’s books  beat any policier books read before. And I read until now about 70-80 policier books. I’ve always had a cult of the books and this cult has never left me.  Editura Trei (Trei Publishing House) really hit the jackpot with these translations. To paraphrase the title of first book in the Millenium trilogy, I am among those „men who love reading”. And I am part in the vast army of the fans of Stieg Larsson. Let’s come back to the trilogy. The first two books have already been screened and enjoyed great success in Europe, and the film after the third book will appear at the end of this month. I saw about a 15 minute summary of the first movie and I can say that the actors were chosen very well, as I imagined while reading and viewing them in my mind. Michael Nyqvist is impeccable in the role of journalist Mikael Blomqvist, I think  Larsson himself could not have found a more suitable actor. The same can be said about the lovely actress Noomi Rapace, whose transformation into the so complicated and captivating Lisbeth Salander is perfect. I look forward to see the trilogy in the Romanian cinemas. But what I look forward even more is to go as soon as possible in Stockholm, to roam the city for a week at least on the traces of Mikael Blomqvist. And what if I meet Lisbeth Salander? I would wish so …

Barbati care iubesc lecturile

Citesc de o saptamana o carte magnifica. Citesc si nu mai am din ea decat vreo 60 de pagini. Imi pare rau ca se termina. Imi pare rau ca nu se mai continua pret de vreo 50-100 de carti. Citesc cu o placere atat de mare, de parca as intra in sevraj daca nu aflu mai repede ce fac personajele si ce rasturnari incredibile de situatie se mai intampla. E o carte mare si la propriu si la figurat. Are peste 800 de pagini. Autorul ei e o raritate. A scris foarte mult si foarte bine. Din pacate, scriitorul e acum dincolo de cortina de stele.  Au trecut 5 ani de cand a plecat. Insa cu putin inainte de a pleca i-a predat editorului sau o trilogie de peste 2000 de pagini. O trilogie care face furori in lumea intreaga. Peste 13 milioane de carti vandute. Toti scriitorii de la noi nu ar reusi si nu au cum sa atinga volumul asta nici intr-un secol. Si o spun cu regret. Avem scriitori, insa nu avem best-selleruri. Ziarele mustesc de cronici favorabile scrise la comanda sau la prietenie, insa in librarii cartile scriitorilor romani zac precum niste marfuri expirate. Astia sunt scriitorii nostri, e drept, cu cateva exceptii fericite si tinere. Osanale mari, vanzari microscopice. Ale literaturii romane valuri… mici. Mai bine sa revin la scriitorul care m-a captivat. E suedez, iar eu de mai bine de 20 de ani am Suedia in sertarul sufletului meu cu tarile preferate, alaturi de Spania, Franta, Australia, Argentina si SUA. Suedia e curatenie, Suedia e fericire, Suedia e Roxette, Suedia e ABBA, Suedia e Stockholm si al sau Gamla stan (orasul vechi), Suedia e farmec inefabil, Suedia e Ibrahimovic, Suedia e… Stieg Larsson. Da, Stieg Larsson e scriitorul care m-a captivat in acest an in cel mai inalt grad si fara drept de recurs. Trilogia sa Millenium e cea mai captivanta citita vreodata. Trilogia e uimitoare si e o pierdere pentru literatura ca Stieg Larsson nu va mai putea scrie vreodata. Stieg Larsson dezvolta o intriga politista geniala, cu personaje extrem de puternice, complexe si originale. Iar apropo de asta, Lisbeth Salander e unul dintre cele mai spectaculoase personaje feminine din literatura universala. Geniala, ciudata, hackerita, sexy, cu cercei in nas si in urechi, imbracata neglijent, abuzata, chinuita, violata, hartuita, independenta, luptatoare, pasare Phoenix intruchipata in fata, rebela, incredibil de puternica, Lisbeth Salander nu are cum sa nu te captiveze si parca ti-ai dori sa fie reala, sa vorbesti cu ea, sa cunosti aceasta minune umana atat de complexa, complicata si proteica.  Ultima carte din trilogie – „Castelul din nori s-a sfaramat” – merita toate superlativele. As fi prozaic daca as spune ca aceasta ultima carte e captivanta. E mult mai mult decat atat. „Castelul din nori s-a sfaramat” are o supradoza de adrenalina, tesatura dramatica e impresionanta si are un farmec epic inefabil. Editura Trei a dat lovitura cu trilogia lui Stieg Larsson, iar traducerea e foarte buna Mi-as fi dorit sa fiu si eu macar a zecea parte din jurnalistul Mikael Blomqvist – cel care lupta (si o face cu succes) pana si cu politia secreta suedeza Sapo pentru a dovedi nevinovatia lui Lisbeth Salander si faptul ca ea fusese supusa unui lung sir de abuzuri. Stieg Larsson e fost un scriitor extrem de documentat, iar asta se vede in cartile lui. Detalii multe si perfect inlantuite, o trama uluitoare cu fosti spioni, cu politisti care sprijina binele si alti politisti care sprijina raul, cu psihologi pedofili, cu batrani agenti criminali, cu dialoguri sclipitoare. Cartile lui Stieg Larsson bat mar orice roman politist citit pana acum. Si am citit vreo 70-80 de romane politiste pana la 32 de ani. Am avut dintotdeauna un cult pentru carti si cultul nu m-a parasit niciodata. Ca sa parafrazez titlul primei carti din trilogia Millenium, fac parte dintre acei „barbati care iubesc lecturile”. Si mai fac parte si din marea armata a fanilor lui Stieg Larsson. Sa revin la trilogie. Primele doua carti au fost deja ecranizate si se bucura de mare succes in Europa, iar filmul dupa cea de-a treia carte va aparea la sfarsitul acestei luni. Am vazut un rezumat de vreo 15 minute al primului film si pot spune ca actorii au fost alesi extrem de bine, asa cum i-am imaginat si vizualizat in timpul lecturii. Michael Nyqvist e impecabil in rolul ziaristului Mikael Blomqvist, cred ca nici Larsson nu ar fi putut gasi un actor mai potrivit. Acelasi lucru se poate spune si despre simpatica actrita Noomi Rapace, a carei transformare in complicata si captivanta Lisbeth Salander e perfecta, puteti vedea asta si in pozele atasate. Astept cu nerabdare sa vad trilogia si pe marile noastre ecrane. Si ce astept cu si mai mare nerabdare sa ajung cat de curand la Stockholm, sa colind orasul o saptamana pe urmele lui Mikael Blomqvist. Si daca ma intalnesc cu Lisbeth Salander? As vrea eu…